Who is Turestrl?

More Than an Alias


Turestrl: The Art Alias

Beyond the corporate canvas, Turestrl transforms into an art alias, delving into the realms of music, painting, clothing, 3D prints, and accessory design for the in-house Turestrl Store. The artistic expression under the Turestrl moniker takes on a more personal and intimate form, weaving a tapestry of creativity that reflects a deep connection with various art forms.

"Neil and Naes": The Personal Project

At the heart of Turestrl's personal projects lies "Neil and Naes," a captivating comic book series coupled with an animated series. This ambitious endeavor showcases Turestrl's narrative prowess, bringing characters to life and immersing audiences in a world of imagination and storytelling. "Neil and Naes" isn't just a project; it's a testament to the boundless creativity that fuels Turestrl's artistic journey.

Roots in Chicago, Roots in the Caribbean

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Chicago, Turestrl draws inspiration not only from the urban landscapes but also from his rich cultural heritage. His roots trace back to the Caribbean, with a mother from Trinidad and Tobago and a father from Jamaica. This cultural diversity infuses a unique flavor into Turestrl's work, adding depth and dimension to every project.

Elite Collaborations and a Remarkable Career

Turestrl's journey has been marked by remarkable collaborations and an illustrious career. Working closely with elite clientele, including notable figures such as Baron Davis and Blac Chyna, has not only shaped Turestrl's portfolio but also attests to the caliber of work and trust garnered in the industry.

In essence, Turestrl transcends the conventional boundaries of artistry and design, seamlessly navigating the worlds of corporate branding and personal expression. As a design studio, it breathes life into brands, and as an art alias, it paints stories and soundscapes that resonate with creativity and innovation. Turestrl is more than a name; it's a visual journey through diverse landscapes of imagination, where every stroke and concept tells a story of its own.


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